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Kayla Gibson

Kayla Gibson

Kayla Gibson is a passionate and experienced dance teacher with several years of teaching various dance styles. She is currently a student at NC A&T State University and plans to pursue real estate in the near future. Kayla's teaching philosophy focuses on fostering creativity, and self-expression in her students. She has a passion for youth and bringing out the best in their dance styles especially in hip hop and cheer. Kayla is a graduate of Eastern Guilford High School class of 2023 and participated in their national champion cheer team as well as the Honors dance program. She has traveled to many competitions winning many championships with the team. She has been dancing since the age of 3 in liturgical/praise dance, contemporary and hip hop.

Even at her young age, Kayla has choreographed numerous routines for performances. She is known for her innovative choreography that blends traditional dance techniques with modern influences. Kayla’s dedication to her students' growth and development is exemplified in her teaching style. She believes in creating a positive and inclusive learning environment where students can thrive and discover their passion for dance. Kayla’s commitment to excellence and her love for dance continue to inspire her students to reach new heights in their dance journey.

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