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  • Are your instructors qualified?
    Our Instructors are in college as a dance major and/or are college graduates with dance degrees or equivalent experience in the field. Your dancer is always in the hands of a professional educator.
  • What are the safety standards at your studio?
    In the event of an emergency we contact 9-1-1 and the emergency contact on file for the student. Our studio always has a first aid kit in hand. These items should be centrally located and easy to reach in an emergency.
  • How do you help your students reach their potential?
    We focus on flexibility, strengthening and encourage our students both in the studio and at home. We provide feedback to the parent or guardian of their student’s growth. We also offer one on one instruction by request only.
  • Can I watch the class every week?
    It can be very distracting to allow parents to sit and watch class. During a trial class a parent is invited to watch for that one class only. We provide other ways in which parents can view their child’s weekly progress such as through our weekly You Tube instructional videos and our social media platforms which has fun and engaging content on a weekly basis.
  • What is the dress code?
    It is important for our teachers to be able to see the student’s body alignment. A color class leotard is required for each level along with skin toned tights and a black skirt or shorts. Class leotards are paid for at registration. We provide the recommended place to purchase shorts/skirts. We believe when students practice in the same attire it promotes unity within the team. Summer classes do not require leotard and tights however loose fitting garments such as leggings and a tank, t shirt, etc., is recommended.
  • How are your students placed?
    While we do place our dancers by age we also look at skill level, ability, or a combination of both when determining where to place our students. Our students are not held back because of age. We desire our students to grow yet be challenged for the advancement of their dance level. There may be times that students are asked to overlap classes by taking two classes for a year as they transition from one class to the next.
  • Do your students compete?
    At this time our students do not compete, however it is our desire to do so one day.
  • Are there any additional performance opportunities?
    Each year we prepare for our annual showcase recital which is held at the end of April/first of May each year. We also perform in the Greensboro Christmas parade. In our recital each class does perform in our opening and closing numbers as well as perform two dances per class. There is also opportunity to be on our travel team (by invitation or audition only) to perform at outreach performances. If you feel your dancer is ready to travel when we perform in the community, please let us know for an audition opportunity.
  • How long is each class?
    For a preschooler the class is 30 minutes, while the other classes range from 40-50 minutes. The last 5 minutes of class we do “chill time with God” where we wind down, build a bond with one another, pray, maybe read scripture or a short biblical lesson. As we get closer to the recital we do practice most Saturdays and require longer practices to ensure we look to par.
  • Is a syllabus followed for each level?
    To have consistency amongst all levels, the teachers do follow a curriculum. The classes are structured according to a plan and organized so that dancers can progress from level to level regardless of which instructor they have. The whole plan is for the dancer to advance and be prepared for the next level once the time arrives.
  • How much does all of this cost?
    In order for us to provide professional staff, facility, etc. we are affordable yet we do require registration fees, monthly tuition, costume, private lessons (by request only), required dance wear, parade fees and any other fees that we let you know in advance. We provide this information in your registration packet however you can take a look at our monthly tuition rates on our Classes tab. We do provide fundraisers every year and scholarship opportunities for those who are in need of assistance to assist with cost.
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