Frequently asked questions

Can I register in person or only online?

Please register online at under the Dance Classes tab.

Can I register after September?

Students may jjoin after September by approval only. If you register after September you will still be required to pay the entire month in which you join regardless of when you enter our academy. Please remember the student cap of 15 students per class.

What do I do when I arrive to class?

When students arrive in class they are to stretch and warm up on their own until class begins. They are also to use the restroom, have their clothes changed into practicewear, hair pinned out of their face and remove all jewelry. Phones should be placed on silent prior to entering the classroom. Students should remove socks and shoes. Only water bottles are allowed in class. If a student arrives late, he/she should hurry in class with minimal talking.

How do I pay my tuition and fees?

Please see the Dance Classes/Tuition Prices tab on our website for information on how to pay for fees.

What if I want to withdraw my child?

We require a 30 day written notice if you wish to withdraw your child. Any fees paid up unto the point of your withdrawl are non-refundable.

What are students to practice in?

Students are required to wear Miriam's practicewear to every practice, unless otherwise stated. Students who do not wear practicewear to class, may be asked to sit and observe class for that particular day. Mini Performance Company - pastel pink short sleeve leotard, pastel pink footless leggings or tights and black dance skirt Youth Performance Company - grape colored short sleeve leotard, black footless leggings or tights, black dance skirt Teen Performance Company - black short sleeved leotard, black footless leggings or tights

Can I sit in class with my child?

Our classes are closed practices as some children sometimes have a tendancy to act a different way when parents are in class with them. If a child is crying, please know that this may happen the first few classes but with our love and care this may be resolved over time.

How do you determine what class my child is in?

We evaluate the children in September. We do not place children in classes because of their size or age. We place children in their approrpriate class based off skill, experience and ability to grasp choreography. Please trust the judgement of the teachers.

What styles of dance do you offer?

Our focus is generally liturgical, modern, contemporary, lyrical and some ballet. Occassionally we will perform dances may include hip hop or other styles as well. Our ages begin at 3. Each student is broken up into three performance companies that they will remain in the entire season.

Are there any additional fees other than tuition?

Yes, there are minimal additional fees. Please see the tuition prices page to download our fees document.

Is the Center Stage Performing Arts Showcase required to participate in your program?

Yes, it is. The Center Stage Performing Arts Showcase is what we use as our recital. This highlights who we are and is our main show. We invite other dance performers in the North Carolina area to unify the arts in our community. Each performing arts team at our academy perform a minimum of one number. Other dances are added as announced.

Do the dancers participate in other activities other than the showcase?

Yes, we host an annual community workshop in November of every year, we participate in the Greensboro Christmas Parade, and sometimes we get booked for other community events. If this occurs there is always advance notice and all students may not attend.