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Intern or Volunteer

  • Having interns and volunteers helps us as we build our academy and to build an excellent program with your expertise. We accept high school and college students as well as adult volunteers.

  • As an intern, you will have the opportunity to student teach, help with events,  social media and advertising, marketing, administrative needs, showcase help, and much more!  

  • Being an intern gives you an opportunity to earn credit hours, volunteer as well as provide your creative insight while gaining hands experience while learning and growing at the same time.

  • We are not looking for perfection, we are looking for people who want to expand their skills while learning and growing at a non profit organization in arts administration. 

  • Join our team today! 

How to Apply

We are now accepting applications for the 2018-2019 season.  When you commit to being an intern, you are committing to the entire season which runs from September 2018 - April 2019.  Our academy is sponsored by H.U.U.R.T. Community Development Corporation, a non-profit organization, 501c3. All documentation and credit accreditation will be routed through H.U.U.R.T. 's name CC'ed Miriam's Dance Academy.


To apply to be an intern or volunteer, please contact:


Regina Covington, M.D.A. Director


Phone: 336-663-8435 

Please email a cover letter (including why you would like to apply for the desired role), a resume and three references. You may also contact the main office to speak directly with Regina Covington. 


What we are looking for in an intern?

 To be an intern you must be reliable, dependable, and committed. We prefer strong verbal, communication and writing skills.  We prefer individuals who are self motivated, self driven and pay attention to detail. 

Our interns work weekly as needed. We desire a minimum of 3 hours per week, working during our scheduled class times. Most of the work can be done on your own time and remotely, which is why we require the intern to be able to work within multiple deadlines. The individual must have access to their own laptop/tablet to bring with you on the job.


Interns may be asked to complete multiple jobs aside from their assigned duties. If you cannot commit to an entire season, please contact us prior to applying. 

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